Reinventing Investment

CF Calfor Finance is a technology-based company that reinvents the alternative investment on financial markets with its systematic approach.

CF Calfor Finance uses its own unique, market-leading, big data analysis, sentiment analysis and deep learning technologies for systematic and automated trading decisions.

CF owns a powerful, leading-edge algorithm for sentiment analysis. It also uses technologies that together with the sentiment are capable  to make precise market movement predictions. Its systematic approach to alternative investment and underpinning technologies has manifested in high historical Return-On-Investment.

Unbearable Complexity of Financial World

Successful investment in financial markets depends on making correct forecasts of future market behaviour.

Global financial markets are increasingly complex and fast-paced. The volume of data necessary for the accurate market price analysis is larger by the day. Quality and reliability of the received information are a concern.

In today’s digital world, the amount of information available to investors is overwhelming.

The classical investment approaches are challenged by the new realities of the modern financial world and provide fading returns.The higher complexity of the financial markets becomes unbearable for long-lived alternative investment strategies.

CF continuously develops technology-driven innovations and algorithms that addresses all these challenges to create reliable and timely insights leading to profitable outcome.

Rethinking Finance

Using its big data analysis, sentiment analysis and deep learning technologies, CF directly accesses the complex “financial mind” and creates an edge that is necessary for a true and durable success in a modern investment environment. At CF, classical financial instruments and solutions are fused with the latest technical innovations.


CF gathers big data from market-, news- and social media platforms and uses its cutting edge proprietary deep learning and sentiment analysis technology to grasp the pulse of financial markets. The CF trading engines interpret market volatility and make future market movements predictable.


The CF innovative breakthrough technology has allowed significantly higher “Return-On-Investments” compared to other investment technologies. Over a four year period, CF has consistently outperformed other related investment strategies and major market indices.


CF makes its systematic investment decisions on selected asset classes.

Currently, CF trades the S&P 500 index, Brent Crude Oil and EUR/USD.

Additional products are in development and subject to rigorous performance trials.


Our customers determine their own maximum risk. Usually, it is between 5% – 10% of the capital invested and translates into an outstanding risk-return ratio.


Our company operates on a management fee and a performance fee, in a fully transparent approach to the client. All performance fees are subject to the High-Water Mark rule.

No entrance fees – No redemption fees – No hidden costs.

Breakthrough Innovation



The CF sentiment analysis technology stands out by its extraordinary capability to record, analyze and evaluate the contextual information available in all relevant big data sources.

CF achieves its technological excellence by constantly streaming big data from numerous financial market portals, online news outlets, and social media platforms. Later, the data is refined and a unique sentiment analysis, weighting, and reassessment algorithm is applied to determine the market price action. This results in an accurate prediction of beneficial investment opportunities.

Sentiment analysis is conducted using the own, world’s richest, continuously updated sentiment database of CF.

A dynamic weighting system is used to analyze sentiments according to the geopolitical, economic and cultural context. The CF system can also identify and examine the change of sentiment over time, a critical capability for making the correct investment decisions.

The CF advanced technology also includes state of the art “deep learning” capabilities. It is seamlessly integrated with sentiment analysis to provide a comprehensive, multi-layered and highly accurate predictive competency.

The CF technologies stand out by their capability to not only generate the market relevant sentiment signals but also to translate them into the real investment opportunities. CF focuses on novelty but it is always aware of rich and positive financial traditions. Therefore, the CF final investment engine combines innovation with proven financial instruments. Hence, the CF final product is a fusion of state of the art sentiment signals with fundamental financial data and quantitative analysis.


CF is headquartered in Switzerland – Baar (ZG) and has a worldwide business presence.

The core of CF is built by its world-class team of highly motivated, skilled and innovative talents. Our team is specialized in the fields of communication, information technologies, economics, sentiment & big data analysis, deep learning and mathematics.

The CF team has strong academic roots and research fundamentals focused on unique academic knowledge. CF is proud of its expertise and its cutting-edge investment technologies.

The CF team members are driven by professional integrity and devoted to achieving excellence in all disciplines, ensuring maximum benefits for our clients.

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