CF Calfor Finance is a technology-based investment company using its own unique, market-leading,
big data intelligence, sentiment analysis and deep learning technologies for systematic investment decisions applied on financial markets.

We use powerful leading-edge analysis algorithms and technologies that result in very precise market predictions for investment decision-making. Our innovative investment approach and underpinning technologies manifests in significantly higher “Return-On-Investment” compared to other, technology-based platforms and investment offerings with controlled risks.


Successful investing in financial markets depends on making correct predictions of how markets develop and behave in future as a key criteria. However, global financial markets are becoming increasingly complex and subject to fast-moving changes, in large part due to rapid technological advancements and connectivity.

Today’s digital world means that the amount of information available to investors is overwhelming and fast-paced. To have reliable and on-time insights leading to precise and beneficial outcomes, CF’s technology driven innovations and algorithms are continuously reflecting market realities. This enables us to respond with no delay at the right moment.



We apply dynamic big data swarm intelligence sourced from market-, news- and social media platforms and cutting edge proprietary sentiment analysis combined with deep learning technologies to firmly grasp the pulse of financial markets. Our technology explains market volatilities and makes future market developments predictable.


CF’s innovative first-of-its-kind technology allows significantly higher “Return-On-Investments” compared to similar offerings available in the market. Over a three-year period, we have consistently outperformed with own investment mandates most technology-based investment products by substantial percentage points.


CF applies its innovative technology based system for generating systematic investment decisions on selected products and offerings. Currently, we offer investments in the S&P 500 Futures, Crude Oil Futures and EUR/USD Spot Market through our managed account structure. Additional products are in development and subject to rigorous performance trials.


Our customers determine their own risk appetite usually between 5% – 10% annual volatility of the engaged capital and constantly maintain complete control of their accounts.


Our company applies a standard management and performance fee policy.
A full fee transparency is maintained. All performance fees are subject to the High-Water Mark rule.
No other costs or fees are charged.

CF applies a 1-year maximum commitment (lock-up period) upon any customer’s initial account investment. The minimum investment is 250,000 Swiss Francs. The lock-up period is shortened for larger initial investments. Once the  lock-up period is over, customers can terminate any engagement and redeem funds within 30 days’ notice.




The essential capability of the CF system is to record, analyse and evaluate the contextual information available on the internet. We focus on specific investment opportunities in real-time.

Our firm achieves this by processing real-time, dynamic, big data intelligence from numerous financial market portals, online news outlets and social media platforms. Then we apply a unique sentiment analysis, weighting and reassessment algorithms to determine market movements. This results in accurate predictions for investment and financial decision-making.

Sentiment analysis is conducted using CF’s own world’s richest, continuously updated sentiment database.
A dynamic weighting system is used to analyse sentiments according to the geopolitical, economic and cultural context. Our system can also identify and examine the change of sentiment over time, a critical capability for making the right financial choices.

Our advanced technology also holds “deep learning” capabilities through a permanent feedback loop. It is seamlessly integrated with sentiment analysis to provide a comprehensive, multi-layered and highly accurate predictive competency.

About us

Headquartered in Switzerland – Baar (ZG) with worldwide business presence, we at CF Calfor Finance develop a one of a kind innovative investment strategy.

At the heart of CF’s capabilities are its world-class team of highly motivated, skilled and qualified talents. Specialized in the fields of communication, information technologies, economics, sentiment & data analysis, deep learning and mathematics. The CF team has strong academic roots and research fundamentals focussed on unique FINTECH knowledge. We are proud of our expertise and understanding in cutting-edge investment solutions. We are driven by professional integrity and devoted to achieving excellence in all disciplines, ensuring maximum benefits for our clients.

CF Calfor Finance
Grabenstrasse 25 | 6340 Baar | Switzerland

Telephone: +41 41 520 78 20  | Email: contact@calforfinance.com